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The Virtual Record Environment

The Virtual Record Environment is the as-built project record deliverable intended to connect macro to micro levels of information for a selected campus or facility. This environment will provide the user access to the selected 3D mode, the latest published sheet set, and quick access to any asset within the building.

With the Owner’s request in mind, the VRE maintains the integrity of design and construction’s digital activities within BIM 360 applications, while also affording the compatibility between design platforms required throughout the project lifecycle. The VRE workflow highlights the migration of Building Information (Revit) across all disciplines and the importance of identifying Assets of Importance to be integrated into the model environment.

The applications utilized are Revit, Infraworks, Docs, and Building Ops, Forge interface is in development. Also, the migration of the Revit models across all disciplines is critical to ensure the Assets of Importance are identified and integrated into the discipline model environments consistently. This solution of the Owner’s request for a VRE maintains the integrity of design and construction digital activities within BIM 360 while affording us the compatibility between design platforms required throughout the life cycle.

model to data.png

The 3D view of the site model allows the user to navigate an entire campus, focus in on a specific area or building and access the linked model, sheets sets, and asset data from this interactive campus environment.

The user can double-click on a building or use the menu to access desired information.


Infraworks is the backbone of this environment with Revit and parameter mapping providing the hyperlink capabilities. 


The Building model and Sheet Set viewer is based on the BIM 360 Docs environment, interfaced in the Forge application.  As this interface is updated on the Autodesk side, the project remains live and interactive in the Project Hub. 

Team members can view the Building, As-Built PDF set, as well as the Tier 1 level of data.

Scripts on the Revit side allows for assets of importance to be integrated into specific parameters while also allowing for verification with the GC Team at project close-out.


As a Building or Set is being viewed, the user can access the Tier 2 level of data with a simple double click on an element or through the parameter link in the properties.

This allows the user to quickly see equipment properties, O&M manuals as well as Warranty information with just a few clicks.

This environment can also integrate with the client in-place ticketing and maintenance system or the Team can use the in-place ticketing management system.